February, 2010

Media Post (YouTube)

Top 10 Baseball Fights

I posted this video because I was on youtube looking up baseball bloopers to post and i came across the top 10 baseball fights, and I had to post it.  My personal favorite is #4, Izzy Alcantara Kicks the catcher.  I like this one because no one would expect a batter after getting nearly hit to drop kick the catcher.  I found that really funny.  I’ve been playing baseball since i was 4yrs old and have been watching it for longer and I never saw a fight where something like that happened.  You asked for a media post and here it is.

My High School and Queens College

We discussed our high schools a few classes back and what ours was like compared to college. I went to St. Francis Prep and I liked it a lot.  Jack brought up a point in class saying that at Prep we had basically a college experience, and he was right.  We had all the sports teams, we had school rivals, it was a huge school, and mainly it was a great experience.

Queens College is totally different in many aspects.  I understand that it is a commuter college and not a dorm-away university, but i still expected to experience “college life.” Queens has some sports teams but normally when you think college you think of the big sporting events and i feel queens lacks that.  also the fraternities and sororities are definitely not what i expected.  there are some what lack luster when you think about it.  I feel that TV and Movies gave everyone a certain outlook on how college is and then when you go to a commuter college its totally different. Don’t get me wrong I like Queens college, it is a great education at an affordable price, i just feel it would have been better if it was a more social college.

But like I said I like Queens college and I realize now that we had it made in High School.

Chapter 1

When I read the first chapter of Unequal Childhoods i found it very interesting how the author compared concerted cultivation and natural growth between the different social classes.  I felt that this difference is very noticeable in different societies.  this chapter actually really opened my eyes while i was reading it.  And it is very easy for you to see which type of growth, concerted cultivation and natural growth, you where a product of.

Training Children

When i comes to training kids it is very different from what we talked about in class about training pets.  I feel that you don’t so much train children.  children learn mostly by example, “watch and learn.”  I typed in training children in into google and went into the first link i saw and these were some “supposed guidelines” for training children:

  • Be reasonable and fair in your requests.
  • Say what you mean, and mean what you say.
  • Be vigilant.
  • Be just in your discipline.
  • An immediate, negative consequence is usually best (because it is easily understood and free from psychological repercussions).
  • Be merciful in overlooking genuine accidents, as well as when you observe genuine repentance.
  • Be consistent.
  • Be loving always and especially so when your child is behaving well.

I looked at these few guidelines and i kept thinking that this is something that Cesar would say on the dog whisperer.  some of it doesn’t make sense to me mainly because it sounds like dog training.  you have to guide the child and teach it a lot of things but you have to remember its a child not an animal and you should treat it like one.  so if your child spills a drink on the floor don’t say “Tsst” and reprimand with a stern voice, guide and show the child what you should do in a certain situation.

Getting on Qwriting

I didn’t think that it was hard to make my account for this blog I just had one problem with it.  I forgot my password and every time they sent me one it reset somehow.  Today in class in the library they sent me a password that didn’t reset and I finally got onto the blog, and basically that’s it.

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