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Top 10 Baseball Fights

I posted this video because I was on youtube looking up baseball bloopers to post and i came across the top 10 baseball fights, and I had to post it.  My personal favorite is #4, Izzy Alcantara Kicks the catcher.  I like this one because no one would expect a batter after getting nearly hit to drop kick the catcher.  I found that really funny.  I’ve been playing baseball since i was 4yrs old and have been watching it for longer and I never saw a fight where something like that happened.  You asked for a media post and here it is.

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  1.   ccasares110 on February 25th, 2010

    lmao holy shit he’s lucky he had that mask on. n ne shit wit the yankees in the 90’s u know fukin darrell strawberry shows up in lik 9 outta every10 of them lol

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