My High School and Queens College

We discussed our high schools a few classes back and what ours was like compared to college. I went to St. Francis Prep and I liked it a lot.  Jack brought up a point in class saying that at Prep we had basically a college experience, and he was right.  We had all the sports teams, we had school rivals, it was a huge school, and mainly it was a great experience.

Queens College is totally different in many aspects.  I understand that it is a commuter college and not a dorm-away university, but i still expected to experience “college life.” Queens has some sports teams but normally when you think college you think of the big sporting events and i feel queens lacks that.  also the fraternities and sororities are definitely not what i expected.  there are some what lack luster when you think about it.  I feel that TV and Movies gave everyone a certain outlook on how college is and then when you go to a commuter college its totally different. Don’t get me wrong I like Queens college, it is a great education at an affordable price, i just feel it would have been better if it was a more social college.

But like I said I like Queens college and I realize now that we had it made in High School.

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  1.   salvarez on February 25th, 2010

    I think you’re right: media portrayals of college lead students to expect all colleges must in some way resemble that particular experience. In such cases, yes, QC will be a great disappointment.

    How could QC be more like those represenations of college we find in the popular media? I’m not sure, but first I would claim that a larger more “college town” feel would need to be present outside of campus, and I don’t really feel that in Flushing. I don’t really feel that for Columbia either. Maybe for NYU, but even that’s not like the college towns of the midwest, such as Madison, Wisconsin, or Columbus, Ohio.

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