My Mother’s Interview

Julius D’Amato

Professor Alvarez

English 110

21 April 2010

My Mother’s Interview

–  After reading my essay do you agree or disagree with how I was raised?

1. I agree that you were a product of concerted cultivation because I did have you in all kinds of sports.

2. I wanted to make sure I kept you off the streets and I kept you busy, so this way you weren’t influenced by your friends and that         you didn’t do the wrong thing.

3. Or get caught up being in the wrong place at the wrong time and by keeping you busy I enjoyed seeing you playing in all those               sports.

4. I feel you were raised a good boy.

–  Even though you feel that I was a product of concerted cultivation do you agree that I have some natural growth influence while I was being raised?

5. I believe you did have some natural growth especially once you got older, because you still went outside and still played in the              streets with your friends.

6. You did get into your fights with your friends and you did drive me nuts.

7. I believe you have some natural growth, but mostly concerted cultivation.

–  After learning about concerted cultivation and natural growth in my paper how do you feel that your parents raised you and how you were brought up?

8. In my case it was a little different my parents came from Puerto Rico and my mother didn’t speak any English.

9. I was the eldest child of four and I had a lot of responsibilities.

10. I had to help my mother out with all the translations.

11. I wasn’t allowed to really have friends and hang out.

12. I was always home but it wasn’t like they put me into anything, I wasn’t involved in anything, any kind of clubs, sports, or any                organized activities like that.

13. My whole thing was basically rearing my younger brothers and sister.

14. Making sure that I was the example for them, and helping my parents out with anything they had to do.

15. Going to school and translating for them, anything with my mother and school meetings with the teachers, but mainly it was                    four of us and we all played together.

16. My father worked from 3pm to midnight.

17. So when we came home from school he was leaving for work.

18. When he came home we were sleeping, so I was my mother’s right hand at home.

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  1.   salvarez on May 11th, 2010

    Maybe I didn’t realize it when I read it at first, but your mother implies that she had experience rearing kids with her siblings before her children. That’s interesting to consider because that would probably make the connection between your aunts and uncles and you very close–like a form of natural growth I think.

    I believe you said you were a mix of the two but I think your mother says just concerted cultivation right?

  2.   Julius D'Amato on May 12th, 2010

    I feel that I am both, and my mother feels like I am mostly concerted cultivation but she does say that as i got older i had a little more natural growth. The only reason, I feel, that I was brought up differently than my aunt and uncles is because my mother wanted more for me and my sister so she raised us a little different, more concerted cultivation.

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