I just joined a new baseball league a few days ago for the entire summer for 18+ Guys.  I can’t wait for it mainly because I love the game and have been playing all my life.  I also coach a team ranging from the ages of 14-18 year old and the season just got underway.  we had had our 2nd game on Sunday and have another Tuesday.  we won our first and were wining by 1 on Sunday when the ump called the game due to darkness so the continuation has to be rescheduled.  we also have another game that was cancelled due to rain and well play it at a later date.  I’m still trying to get to know who is good at what position. some guys on the team have a lot of skills and others are lacking but that’s why I’m there, to help develop them as a player and make them the best they can be.  Overall everything is going just fine my season soon starts and the team i coach is getting better, well see what happens.

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