How to choose School for you children—(originally Blog for Feb 16th)

You asked us on he 16th to blog about how would we go about choosing a school for our children to attend when we get older.  Most likely i would check out near by school and also i would go by word of mouth.  basically i would ask around and see which schools are better academically, better safety, and just an overall better environment.   I feel that KIPP is a good program but i wouldn’t put my children in it because i understand how a lot of kids don’t enjoy being in school for the entire day until late in the evening.  it is great that they have programs like this one but a regular school would be okay.  most likely i would put my children into a private (catholic) school because I’ve been in catholic school my entire life up until college and i didn’t have a problem with it.  and that’s basically how i would choose a school.

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