Scholarship Personal Statement — Final Version

Julius D’Amato

Professor Alvarez

English 110

22 May 2010

F.B.I. and Law: How One Investment Could Make a Difference

There are many people applying for scholarships but I propose that I am a good investment because I am going to be the first person in my family to go to and finish college.  I want to make all my parents’ sacrifices worthwhile.  According to Annette Lareau two-thirds of children grow up obtaining the same education and stay in the same social class as their parents. I want to be a part of upward mobility, and go up in social status.

I honestly was undecided for a while on what I really wanted to do for the rest of my life, for a career that is.  There were a few different career paths that I was interested in but through it all there was one that really stood out from the rest, and that is F.B.I. Agent.  It may sound a little “out there,” but it is something that I have researched, and that has really intrigued me.  I could see myself doing this as my career.  I realized I wanted to do this when I was in high-school.  I took criminal justice and forensic science classes and excelled.  Most of the work we learned was mainly for a police officer, but it applies to F.B.I. which is just on a bigger scale.  I plan on studying law while at Queens College and work hard so I could get into CUNY Law School or any other accredited law school.  To do so I would have to major in political science or accounting, and some courses such as those.  I am looking forward to taking Political Science 289, Law and Politics; 286, Law and Human Rights, and 263 Politics of Terrorism.  One really doesn’t start to study law until one enters the law school.  The reason I would choose law for becoming an F.B.I. Agent is because the F.B.I. requires one to get a degree in certain fields; accounting, computer science, language, or law.  I feel law is the subject that would be best suited for me.  I intend on receiving a JD (Juris Doctor) in law and go on to become a part of the agency.  If I don’t become an agent at least I would have a law degree and pursue that career further.  I would most likely go into criminal law, also known as penal law.  I would go into criminal law because that is the segment of law that interest me the most, putting away criminals and getting them off the streets.

Some extracurricular activities that I participate in are sports, such as baseball, basketball, tennis, bowling, and football.  I have been involved in these sports for my entire life.  As for volunteer work that I have done, there is one experience that I am the most proud of.  Five others and I started up a youth organization in my neighborhood with the help from our local parish.  We wanted a place for kids in their teens (ages 13-20) to have a place to spend their time and stay off of the streets and out of trouble.  This organization was around for about a year and a half before one of the men who helped start it moved away.  At the time I just started to work, and everyone just went their own way.  It would be nice to try to start this organization up again.  This volunteer experience is related to my values and career goals in a major way.  I was a part of this organization to help people and in a way cut down the crime in the neighborhood.  Seeing that some of the crime was committed by the teens of the neighborhood, getting them off the streets and giving them somewhere to go cut down on the crime. If they weren’t in the group spending their time, they would have been committing those crimes, possibly doing drugs, drinking alcohol and many other risky behaviors.  Once I become an F.B.I. agent I would be stopping crimes as well, but on a much larger scale.  I would also be helping many people just like I helped people using this organization.

There are many traits that I possess and experiences that I have been through that would make me a good candidate for an internal scholarship.  I have overcome some educational obstacles in high-school.  This one time when I was a senior in high-school I had an English teacher, Joseph Claro; he taught Prose and later went on to be a professor at Hunter College.  He was he hardest teacher I ever had and in the first quarter I received a 78, when 75 is passing in my school. I bucked down and studied really hard and received a 98 in the second half of class and got a 100 on the final exam.  This gave me a 91 overall grade for that class, and I was so proud.  I am a hard worker and it shows in this triumph in high-school.  As I said before, I have played sports all of my life and these sports have made me better as a person.  Being involved with these activities I learned how to be a leader and take charge in what I believe in.  I learned how to work as part of a team, and also learned that with dedication and perseverance one could achieve any task.  Both of my parents finished high-school and were unable to go to college because of financial reasons.  In my family my older sister was the first to go to college but dropped out after two years because “it wasn’t for her.”  I am going to be the first person to go and complete college in my family.

I do propose that I am a good investment for you scholarship because I do possess qualities that will help me to succeed in college and in life.  Being the first person to complete college would make my parents very happy because I would be doing better for myself, and everything they have done for me would be put to good use.  Being the first to achieve this would make me a role model in my family for my younger cousins because I succeeded and that is something for them to strive for.

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